Girls Forget Your Boys Demos

by The JV Allstars

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I cant remember if we were really demo'ing these songs to get ready for the studio or we were trying to get back on the Ernie Ball stage at Warped Tour, but the demo's we did for Girls Forget Your Boys turned out pretty damn good. We recorded at Calvin's house in the basement. Matty Sanders had spent months playing along to demo's Mike had made on his computer with an old drum program called Fruity Loops. Mike and I spent a few months experimenting with sobriety and complete drunken debauchery while writing the majority of the songs for Girls Forget Your Boys. Nick spent many nights on an old mattress at Eric's house at 11th and E and nearly electrocuted himself on an ungrounded bass amp. Matty's parents didnt want him to play in our band, but that wasnt going to stop him. Matty went to lots of "movies" around that time, which meant he would get out of the house and come practice the record we were about to make. When he was home, he would use headphones to play along to the ghetto computer made tracks Mikey made. By the time Matty graduated high school, his parents and family were on to his shenanigans. They must have known, because his graduation gifts were all checks written out to the community college. After his graduation party was over, we rolled the van up to his house like terrible creepers and moved his stuff into Nick's dumpy house at 51st and Orchard. Parties ensued. Mass chaos took place. We streaked the block by the dozen. We lit circles of fire in the back yard with gasoline and jumped through them wearing nothing but thongs, wielding replica swords owned by Nick's drag queen roommate Ryan. Well, maybe that was just Nick. With a handful of actual live, full-band practices, JVA went into the studio to record Girls Forget Your Boys. That summer we hit the road with Mike's brother Jordan along for the ride. Jordan brought a beer helmet, which proved to be a major contribution to the tour. These demos were just the beginning.


released May 1, 2005

Nick Tarlowski - Guitar, Vocals
Eric Mellow - Bass, Vocals
Mikey Elfers - Guitar, Vocals
Matty Sanders - Drums

Recorded at HeartThrob Studios, AKA: Calvin's basement.

Mixed by: Calvin Hughes

Mastered by: Calvin Hughes

Original GFYBFYG artwork by Ben Hike.



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The JV Allstars Lincoln, Nebraska

The JV Allstars were a pop-punk band from Lincoln, Nebraska from 2000-2012. They started like any band does, by sucking. In time, they got a little better and had lots of fun and toured a lot and released a bunch of music. Thanks!

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